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Drop Bottom Box Dumper


Our material handling containers can save you money, now. By providing greater speed and efficiency in countless jobs, at every stage of production.

The design makes the Work-O-Matic perform better than other drop bottom box dumpers. It features an exclusive hinged bottom, for quick dumping. Plus space-saving stackable construction, with three-way fork lift entry.

Built to take the punishment of even your toughest assignments and keep coming back for more.

Drop Bottom Box Dumper

Fast, Precise Loading

Work-O-Matic unique drop-bottom allows total discharge of contents. These material handling containers make unloading problem-free.
A fork lift equipped with a hydraulic attachment is all that's required.

Here's how it works:
A fork lift positions Work-O-Matic over another receptacle, the hydraulic cylinder raises the back of the box. At the same time, the forks secure the front of the drop-bottom, holding it firmly in place.

This combination of vertical lift and horizontal fork thrust opens the box up to 90°, while keeping the discharge point stationary. This is a reliable way of giving you complete dumping control.

Once the Work-O-Matic container is empty, the hydraulic cylinder is lowered. The box closes automatically, becoming available for immediate use elsewhere.