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Double Corrugated Skid Platforms

The exclusive double reverse corrugations of  Shanafelt skid platforms consist of two, full, free flowing corrugations joined by a reverse center rib. This construction method produces a structural section of remarkable strength and rigidity.
This exclusive feature is accomplished by specially designed bending dies that permit the corrugations and center rib to traverse the deck of the platform, rolling over the "knee" in a gradual curve and down the legs.

The integral knee brace construction insures that Shanafelt skids are strongest at the knee-bend, thus providing longer life and greater resistance to handling abuse. Full channel runners are recommended for all skid platforms. They not only protect the skid from power truck abuse, but they also provide a flat bearing surface and protect floors. All Shanafelt runners are obliquely notched at the ends to assure good metal-to- metal contact for secure welding of the runners to the skid platforms’ legs.